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Resume of
Mark L. Takefman
Updated April 18,, 2018
Contact Information
email:          Canadian Cell: (437) 333-9390

You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.  – Simon Sinek
Organizational Development and Operations 
Extensive success delivering capability development and project facilitation for global non-profit organizations

Executive business leader with over 35 years experience directing operations for non-profit and private sector organisations worldwide. Recognized expert in strategic project delivery with a well-deserved reputation for facilitation, collaboration, and driving business results. Genuine passion for building business and staff capabilities in the not-for-profit sector. Proficient in all aspects of operational planning and design. Seeking to leverage expertise to deliver strategic objectives for a new non-profit organisation.

Organizational Development Expertise:

Organisational Development • Strategic Business Planning • Project Planning & Execution • Mentoring & Staff Development • Environmentalism & Climate Change • Construction Design • Business Performance & Capability Reviews • Fundraising • Advice & Consultancy • Strategic Partnership Development • Proposal & Report Writing

Construction Expertise:

Project Planning and Implementation, Budgeting, Trade Contracting and Management, Reports and Documentation, Client Liaison and Service

Career Accomplishments

·  Built collaborations with numerous international non-profit organisations, including MercyCorps, WWF, Sichuan University, National Geographic, CUSO, Keepers of the Waters, Panda Mountain, and Omprakash.
·    Successfully directed numerous global research and development projects for non-profit organisations, in the areas of sociology, conservation, agriculture, public health, and economic development.
·   Established and directed a company from start-up, delivering global projects, consultancy, and fund-raising.
· Published numerous articles and delivered lectures/presentations on the subject of Environmentalism.
·  Delivered new business strategy, implemented organisational and staff development and transformation initiative, and won five new grants (Chengdu Urban Rivers Association, China).
·      Received award for developing county-wide community service database (Leatherstocking’s Promise, US).
·   Contributed to organisation winning Environmental Quality Award from Environmental Protection Agency, in 2010 (Otsego County Conservation Association, US).
·    Secured over $750K in low cost loans and grants from Government and banks to facilitate operational expansion (Zogby International Inc., US).

Career Experience

Mark Takefman & Associates Worldwide ODA Nov 2007 – Present
President, Organizational Development Adviser
·          Operations, Administration consulting  (see projects below)
·          Fundraising and Project management interactive
·          Volunteer programs created
·          Mentoring programs implemented
·          Supervised global projects, delivered consultancy, research and development, and fund raising.

Projects in Progress

1 Sustainability Consultants Network, Organizational Development Adviser (ODA), Grant Writing, Project Implementation
2   Climate Smart Food Certification: founding member to create a certification for farmers for their soil that shows it’s healthy and fighting climate change.
3   The Roots Collaborative: helped write grant to conduct household education on saving energy and reducing GHGs and served as assistant to the director to implement the grant
4   Toronto Coalition of EcoSchools: lecture
5    Back Lane Studios: Organizational Development Adviser, developing a business plan
6    Gyan Disha School in India: ODA, volunteers, mentoring, Western communications
7    Chengdu Urban Rivers Association: ongoing mentoring to staff, Western communications
8   Haoyu Natural Farm, Sichuan, China: ODA

     Chengdu Urban Rivers Association Chengdu, China Apr 2015 – Dec 2016 (also 2011 – 2013)
Organizational Development Advisor & Trainer
Conducted strategic business planning, trained and mentored staff, delivered fund raising, led and supported voluntary projects including Anlong Village and Construction Design for Linshi Village. Built strong networks with other NGOs and external partners, and delivered lectures to raise public awareness of the organisation. Planned events, directed the volunteer program, and developed web and social media presence.
·        Established a new business strategic plan to optimise delivery of key objectives.
·        Won five new grants for the organisation.
·        Cultivated business administration capabilities including protocols, policies, and operating procedures.
·    Delivered project for Conference of Convergence: Agricultural Mitigation Strategies in Times of Climate Change, sponsored by Climate Fund of the Consulate General, Germany (April – December 2016).
·      Directed project for Research on Environmental Impact on the Condition of Public Health in the Zi Ping Pu Reservoir, sponsored by National Geographic Air and Water Fund (April 2015 – April 2016). 
·        Redesigned office operations to increase productivity and organisation.
·        Led staff development programme of mentoring workshops; trained new Communications Manager.
·        Represented CURA at the British Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Network Group.
·        Assisted with building a wetland environment at Anlong, co-authored paper about the project, published in UN-Habitat Magazine.

Urban Hybrid Architecture Chengdu, China Jul 2014 – Apr 2016
Senior Project Manager
·        Oversaw project for design of a Vertical Hydroponic Greenhouse and Community Centre.
·        Developed and implemented project for a Vertical Farm Centre.

Mindfulness Everyday Toronto, Canada Apr 2013 – May 2014 
Executive Director
·        Led operations and staff for this non-profit organisation.

Mark Takefman & Associates Worldwide Nov 2007 – Present
·        Implemented and directed business from start-up to successful delivery.
·        Supervised global projects, delivered consultancy, research and development, and fund raising.

Avid Projects Ltd Toronto, Canada Jan 2006 – Oct 2007 
Senior Project Supervisor & Administrator
·      Delivered projects for commercial and residential renovations, including high-end units and upgrades to apartment buildings.
·        Championed Green Building Development.
·        Managed crew, built strong client and stakeholder relationships, and conducted project estimating.

Additional Experience
Project Manager (Non-Profit) • The Milkweed Foundation, US
Contract Consultant (Non-Profit) • Basset Hospital Research Institute, US
Researcher & Facilitator (Non-Profit) • New World Foundation, US
Business & Construction Consultant • LaBarre Construction Inc, US
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Zogby International Inc, US
President, Consultant, Educator, Speaker Healthy Homes Environmental Consulting, Canada
Owner Teekah Environmental Products, Canada
Office & Project Manager, Safety Training Officer Sportbau, Canada
Store Manager Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada
Management Consulting & Seminar Producer Human Development Systems, US
Operations Manager Avenue Video, Canada
General Manager Omnibus Book Center, UK

Education & Credentials
Bachelor of Arts in Developmental Psychology • McGill University • Montreal, Canada
Professional Development
·        International Volunteering Service Training & China Cultural Training (CUSO-VSO and VSO China)
·        International Volunteering Service Training & India Cultural Training (CUSO-VSO and VSO India)
·        LEED-Commercial Interiors, Green Building Accreditation Process (Canadian Green Building Council)
·        Survival Mandarin Training
Professional Memberships
·        Certified Environmental Inspector (Membership 8482)

Community Leadership

Magraj Jain Ward for Community Service, RajasthanNovember 4, 2017
Gyan Disha Vikas Sansthan, India (Organizational Development Advisor and fund raiser for school) – Ongoing Volunteer Services Overseas India (VSO India), India (NGO Organizational Advisor and Trainer)
VSO India, UN Development Program & UNESCO, India (consultant for volunteer initiative STRIVE)
SAMARTYAM, India (consultant for national construction by-law advocacy program)
iVOL, India (adviser for development of a national volunteer award program)
Junior Achievement, Canada (taught Business Skills to Grade 10 Students)
Big Brother Organization, New York, US (Program Mentor)
Leatherstocking’s Promise, New York, US (facilitated events for non-profits across the county)
Otsego County Conservation Association, New York, US (Volunteer Advocacy Advisor)

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